Carpentry Melbourne

Home Improvements Melbourne has in-house carpenters who are dedicated to providing a full suite of carpentry services to businesses and households across Melbourne. Whether you need a touch-up, repair or installation of new furniture, we can provide services tailored to your specific needs. Our carpenters are equipped with advanced tools and materials to handle any type of furnishings and deliver excellent craftsmanship. From individual chairs & tables to complete bedroom & dining sets, our products are always magnificent and limitless.

Carpentry Melbourne

We Can Design and Manufacture

Our Range Of Services Includes:

Custom-Made Furniture

We make bespoke furniture, giving you the opportunity to create inspiring interiors. We want you to share your dream design with us and our carpenters make furniture that reflects your personal style and passion. Our products are made from solid, high-quality wood, ensuring that our custom-made pieces last a lifetime.


Our deep understanding of woodwork allows us to renovate and refinish your investment. Whether you have got old-fashioned furniture or an antique piece, we can revitalize its look, give it a new life and enhance the overall appeal of your home. Our carpenters perform stripping, staining, sanding and re-painting works to give your furniture a fresh look it deserves.

Repair & Touch-Up:

Damage to the wooden furniture can compromise the integrity of the building. We help make unusable furniture, cabinets, drawers, doors, and windows to function again with our repair and touch up services. We will also address unsightly cosmetic damages such as scratches and blemishes, ensuring that your woodwork is restored to its pristine condition.


Buying new cabinets and kitchen systems can be exciting but putting together the pieces and installing them seems to be a cumbersome task. We have got the right tools and expertise to assemble and install the furniture quickly and efficiently. At Home Improvements Melbourne, we use the highest grade materials to create your envision. All our products can stand the test of time and can beautify your home. If you have any carpentry projects to share with us, don’t hesitate to call us at 03 9302 3328.


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